Life… an unplanned journey!

“Nearly all the things that come in life are unexpected.”

Starting from the very first moment, when we just open our eyes and say ‘Good Morning’ to yourself, we simultaneously start planning our day. Our objective, goals, obstructions everything runs on the roads of our mind and by the time we are finally awake, a so-called ‘Blueprint’ is finally prepared by us for the day!
I think, I went quite far. Doesn’t your planning starts when you are about to say Good night? The answer to this is probably yes. Isn’t it? And why not, we must not leave even a single stone unturned in achieving the goals of our life although it must go through a right path.
If we do not learn from our past mistakes and are still unable to forecast the uncertainties of future,our experience becomes equal to null. It’s the experience which gives us a realistic approach to proceed in life.
But don’t you think that sometimes all these plans, stratagems, ideas together turn against us. Even after giving our greatest endeavor, the destiny turns all the tables against us and we feel like a vulnerable fish in a desert. On that very moment, the world gets finished for us. And, the ‘Blueprint’… rather turns into a waste which is not even recyclable in this decade of environmental concern.

There are people who have to depart from this world before the fulfillment of their responsibilities and this is the most painful instance in a person’s life. The person herself/himself along with her/his family members get buried under their remorse feelings.
Not going on a nostalgic note, I would not say that planning about your future is wrong but one must always be prepared to face the worst. And, must stand again to win against the subtle circumstances offered to us by our destiny.
Conclusively, I would say that we should always be confident about our good deeds for a better tomorrow but if it is not as better as we expect, give it the next shot and if not, a next life! But remember, never feel disenchanted, always feel contended for the moments which made you smile once.


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  1. nice written.. 🙂

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  2. A fascinating thought… Thanks for sharing! 😄

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  3. Well said..beautiful words..:)

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