Leaves Resemble Life

“Change your opinions, keep to your principles,
change your leaves, keep intact your roots.”

Problems, the most scattered things in our mind as well as in the heart. Though they vary from person to person. They are sometimes big or small, easy or difficult, depending on our own perspectives. The way we see the things, they take the same shape. So, don’t you think problems resemble the nature of water too?

If we keep them in a tiny plate, then it is easy to solve them but the moment we spill them on the floor… you can very well imagine how beautifully they can destroy our simple and sweet life!

Since childhood, we have learned that all problems have a solution but mostly we don’t have a ‘Key to their Solutions’ in life. And we can only verify it when the answer to the problem gets equal to the amount of satisfaction we start receiving in life.

One can also remove the problems from her/his life in the way we clean the leaves from our backyard. Ever imagined the way in which the leaves get scattered all over the ground. They give us a picture of our mind and heart, who have so many problems asking for a quick trial.

Didn’t understood till now? Get up and start cleaning your problems with the broom of intelligence and support of your dear ones. In the same way, you can clean your brainpower garden and don’t forget to remove the weeds from your life. Because it’s okay to have problems in life, they always add up in the ‘Key of Answers’ for our problems but these weeds… might deviate your concentration and you will end up losing yourself. So, beware and stay calm as life is full of roses along with a sprinkle of thorns too!


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  1. clean your brainpower garden and don’t forget to remove the weeds from your life. ..superb dear..

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  2. I love the last line. Great style..keep writing!

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  3. Hey,
    I loved your posts and the ideas you put into it.. You take so many trivial things in life and connect it to something a lot more meaningful. I love it.. πŸ™‚ Looking forward to read more of your stuff.


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