Last Light

“Fear can only grow in darkness.

Once you face fear with light, you win.”


I don’t know about others that whether they have ever realized about what I will be talking about my this thought. This impression of words landed in my mind when I got a new calendar for this year from my father.

Image result for last light images

I’m sure that some will say, ‘Calendar? What is so enlightening in that??’ But for me, this time, it really added a new way by looking at the things which are in their last stage and we might not see them again. The calendar is a beautiful tribute to one of the immortal soul of the world, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.  He was, he is and will be a true inspiration for all of us.

I realized that whenever someone or something is about to leave everyone forever it tries its best to give the most to the world, the people who love her/him. Isn’t it? Think about the hour of sunset, doesn’t the sun rays spread their maximum light during those couple of minutes. It’s the best time to feel the beauty of sun and the sky after the sunrise, in the whole day.

Dr. Kalam was giving a lecture to his students, which sadly became the last. With these instances, we all can learn that even if we are doing something for the last time, the energy, the warmth in our words of efforts must not decline!

We must not feel bad, thinking that it’s the last rather must be happy about the next, which is about to come. Maybe much better than before. So, all must try to shine in every aspect whether it’s last or first. It might become an inspiration for a lifetime.

It will make you prepare for the challenges you have to face in between. Never doubt in the dark what God has shown you in the light. And, this light will help you to enlighten the lamp of your life till the end or I should say till the new beginning!

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