Incongrous Maths Has a Panacea!!

Seconds, minutes, hours and days.

Months, years, centuries and decades,

Each time passed with full pace.


But the stance about math…

Always remained the same.

For scholars and laymen,

It is not philosophy!

Yet for students, it is still an ambiguity.


I confess,

It puts us on a narrow path.

And makes us swell up in wrath.


A man is a fraction…

The numerator for others and denominator for oneself!

Cosmic the denominator,

Bijou the fraction!


Mathematics is never complicated.

You only need the right key,

To unlock your perspicacity.

So, subtract the stress, add the fun.

Multiply the happiness and divide the problems.


Do the best you can!

Until you know better.

And when you know better


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