Vision of Beauty

The way you define your perspective, gives your definition of beauty.”

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‘Endymion’ by John Keats starts with a very beautiful and truthful line, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’. Beauty takes birth in everything whether it seems good or not. And yes, beauty never promised anyone that it will always be visible! So who gave us the ‘right’ to call something ‘not beautiful’? No one.

Still we keep ploughing on. Unhappy with every step we take forward towards our success. When we are at the beginning, the present world we live in doesn’t have any worth in our life. The world sees by raising our chin high, looks fascinating. And when we reach that position, when our very own head is straight up, we tend to look down. Look down or look back to our cherishing memories, is your own definition of your vision.

We have everything with us but sometimes, this world doesn’t get completed, however, our expedition is about to get over. Then… what do we do? Some great personalities choose the peak, the power, the control on everything and everyone. Though their alphabets don’t complete the words of their life! But it’s okay. They are ‘Proud’ of the decision.

And on the far side, we have a group rather only some individuals. The ones who are meek, docile and modest! Poor minded called by the people with straight vision and the group far below to them proudly gives a loud clap to this modest one! More people get added to your count, who find you so true.

Finally, if you think that currently you are here, my friend you have reached the best part in your life because life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself. Therefore, by reaching your very own ultimate peak establishes an all new status of yours. Wherein you find your words get completed and they start framing into sentences.

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Hey! Now, what are you waiting for? Go on and start writing your beautiful thesis and don’t forget beauty is sprinkled everywhere with a fantastic fragrance of life.


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  1. Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom & time you give away to save another struggling soul, like you.

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  2. Only a beautiful heart can write these beautiful lines . Always share ur views they spread positivity .

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  3. Hey, I have a plan of starting an online magazine.. If you interested ping me..

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