Probability of Life… Dichotomous?

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One must think how strange this fellow writer is? How can you relate the concepts of math with the emotions and circumstances of life? I too find it quite mysterious  about myself but I like it! Now coming back to the topic of this issue and amalgamating all our thoughts for a few minutes.
We think whatever we study in school is only related to the respective areas of professions and hardly realize when we actually use them to open our eyes on a new date! Probability is also one member of these topics. Talking about its generic meaning, it says the extent to which something is likely to happen or be the case is called Probability. This I know all of you aware of but I am sure that most of you must have not connected it with its most special trait,i.e, being dichotomous! Dichotomous means calling one of the outcomes a “success” and other as “failure”.
Every time we get a satisfactory smile there always comes a glimpse of tear as a complimentary gift along with it. And this in itself makes our life dichotomous! With every foot forward there are steps taken backward too! Isn’t it? Haven’t you been through this situation? If we want to pursue the goals of prosperity, we have to leave the things which we had always loved to be with! And this for me is the most difficult stage in our life. Though in the end we have to reproach ourselves with that whatever we are doing, is for them.
I think its enough about success. Now, touching the most difficult and amazing part, Failure! Someone has rightly quoted, “We learn from failure not from success.” True. isn’t it?  Think about a person who has never fallen down in life. Won’t her/his life be artless as she/he must have never gone through all the lessons destiny has set for our syllabus of life. So don’t feel bad even if you have failed quite a lot of times, at least you are much experienced than an early successful person. And obviously , the success after too many failures tastes amazing!
Coming towards the end of this conversation, I just want to convey that if you are happy, always be ready to accept sadness and welcome happiness even in most drastic circumstances. I think that you all are now psyched up with the dichotomy of life and all the best for the rest of the infinite (in case of life) trials in each one’s survival.


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  1. Happiness and sadness
    Success and failure.

    Good insight at such a young age.

    Do you know a shloka from Gita:

    ज्ञेयः स नित्यसंन्यासी यो न द्वेष्टि न काङ्क्षति ।
    निर्द्वन्द्वो हि महाबाहो सुखं बन्धात्प्रमुच्यते ॥५-३॥

    Search for the meaning yourself ;P

    What I would like to say is, that now you are aware of the intrinsic duality or the dichotomy of the sensory and perceptive world. Slowly begin to realize that one is free to attach with the success and failure in equal measures. We give the power of attachment through our mind.

    Let me take a preachy stance now…and say the following…

    ख़ुशी के पीछे दुःख चला आ रहा है और उसी भांति दुःख के संग कहीं किसी कोने में सुख भी आने को आतुर है। सुख और दुःख के पर जो ऋत है उसे जानो पार्थ और दोनों से मुक्त हो जीवन में विचरण करो। मनुष्य की दुविधा यही है की वह सृष्टि के द्वंदात्मक स्वभाव को पहचान कर भी उसे नियंत्रित करना चाहता है जो आनंददायी है। भौतिक संसार में तो यह संभव ही नही। यहाँ तो द्वन्द ही इस समस्त सृष्टि के निर्माण का कारण है। इसलिए योगी न तो सुख में इन्द्रियों को रत करता है और न ही दुःख में शोक कर समय को नष्ट करता है ।


    Keep writing awesome stuff!

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  2. Super talented you are! Such a beautiful real life implications of mathematical concepts! Awesome! Im impressed!

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  3. You need a sense of humour, or you run the risk of taking everything personal, which is not the way to live happily.

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  4. “Be aware of your own worth,
    use all of your power to achieve it.
    Create an ocean from a dewdrop.
    Do not beg for light from the moon,
    obtain it from the spark within you…”

    ~ Allama Iqbal

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  5. vincentcarlos May 18, 2016 — 6:25 pm

    I agree with the idea that success is what you had to give up in order to achieve it so I liked that line:) I hope you welcome disagreement though and don’t wish everyone to agree with what you say? but you said we learn more from failure than we learn from success and to an extent I agree with this, but what do you really learn from failure? you may learn what you shouldn’t do the next time, but how valuable is that? you still did not learn what you should do next time. A study by the Harvard Business School found that entrepreneurs who were already successful were far more likely to succeed again. For already successful entrepreneurs, their success rate for future companies is 34%. But entrepreneurs whose companies had failed the first time had the same follow-up success rate as people who were starting a company for their very first time, at just 23%. This study shows that in life, success is the experience that actually matters, not failure. love to hear your thoughts? Great post though:)

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  6. well written. ‘a satisfied smile and a complimentary tear’… nice expression. happy blogging

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  7. Hey,

    I would really like to be friends with you, but I realised that the links you gave out redirects you to Facebook home, you might want to change that. And if you are okay with sharing the link to your profile so that I can send you a request, comment to this..


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  8. Thank you !

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